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YIFAN DREAM Silk Ladies Pajamas Sexy Lingerie Womens Pajamas Nightgown Two-piece

YIFAN DREAM Silk Ladies Pajamas Sexy Lingerie Womens Pajamas Nightgown Two-piece

SKU: 9058150315988

Exquisite neckline,Simple design, Soft fabric,stylish and beautiful

Beautifully decorated elements,Fashion element embellishment, noble and low-key,Silk fabric, highlighting the perfect figure for women

Silk is composed of protein fiber, has good biocompatibility with the human body, and has a smooth surface. The stimulation of the human body is the lowest friction coefficient of all types of fibers, only 7.4%. Therefore, when our delicate skin and silk want to meet, there will be a unique softness, according to the curve of the human body.

The health care function of silk fabrics is unparalleled. Silk fabrics contain 18 kinds of amino acids required by the human body, which are very similar to the amino acids contained in human skin. Silk fabrics are also known as the second layer of human skin. it helps the skin maintain a certain amount of moisture, does not make the skin too dry, makes people feel very cool.

Silk fabric has a large porosity and good sound absorption. Because silk has moisture absorption, moisture release performance and moisture resistance, suction resistance and porosity, silk not only has good heat dissipation performance, due to it The porous fiber structure makes the silk also have good thermal insulation properties.

"YIFAN DREAM" has been focusing on the textile industry for many years, and is familiar with the performance and characteristics of various textiles. We are committed to recommending silk clothing to you. Let you have a comfortable wearing experience, at the same time reflect fashion luxury, highlight women's elegance and sexy charm, Let the unique style of Yifanmeng bring you wonderful enjoyment!


Fabric Name: 100% Mulberry Silk

Product Category: Home Wear

Style: Sexy and charming

Suitable for the season: winter, spring, summer, autumn

Fabric features: silky and delicate, soft and comfortable

Size: L, XL, XXL (see product details size chart for details)

    $99.99 Regular Price
    $69.99Sale Price
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